Champion Gudo’s father furious! Files a case against Alien Skin (Video)

September 13, 2023

Trending young star Champion Gudo’s father is Eddy furious and has filed a case again Alien Skin.

He did so after requesting Alien Skin to take his son to Kampala parents for an interview where he was a given a scholarship.

The singer Alien Skin adamantly refused to take Champion Gudo saying he is very okay with where he is studying from.

According to Champion Gudo’s father, his son is not in school anywhere. He is being fooled about going to school but when he asked they told him he is not in school.

The father said he is not happy with his son being moved in night clubs and concerts at night.

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He said he doesn’t like the guys that move with Alien Skin to associate with his son because they are badly behaved and the zin is young to learn those manners probably.

Champion Gudo’s father has now filed a case and he hopes to get justice for his family with all his children getting proper education.

Here is the video;