JUST IN: Feffe Bussi reportedly sacks manager Arafat

April 20, 2023

There is news making rounds on social media that the smallest rapper Feffe Bussi has reportedly sacked his manager Arafat.

This news was broke by one of the media houses Sanyuka television.

“The smallest rapper, Feffe Bussi Music, has sacked his manager, Arafat. Details are coming ,” Sanyuka television posted

Feffe Bussi has been working with Arafat for so many years. His career has reached to the level it is at the moment when the two are working together.

In Uganda, artistes have a tendency of not respecting their managers most of the times. A few sign contracts while most of them work on a mutual understanding as friends.

Those that sign contracts end up bleaching them while those that work as friends lose respect and end up separating.

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For Arafat and Feffe Bussi, we are not sure of how they have been working together. We don’t know if they had a contract signed or if they are just friends.

The reason behind Arafat’s sacking hasn’t been revealed to the world. We shall keep you updated just in case the details are revealed .