Hilderman asks Eddy Kenzo to request Museveni to allow Bobi Wine back on stage

June 19, 2023

Eddy Kenzo

Singer and politician a Member of National Unity Platform (NUP) Dr. Hilderman has requested a fellow singer Eddy Kenzo to ask President Museveni to allow his boss Bobi Wine back on stage.

This came after Eddy Kenzo made it clear that as musicians, they would like to meet President Museveni and tell him what they want to be done in the music industry.

When Bobi Wine joined politics in 2018, he started becoming a threat to government. As one way of curbing him, they stopped him from performing at any concerts or even any stage in Uganda.

That kinda affected his fans who used to enjoy his perfomances. They have been asking government to allow him to perform again but all that has been in vain.

But when Eddy Kenzo said as now the president of musicians under the new Federation wants him alongside other musicians to meet Bobi Wine, Hilderman made his request.

He said one of the messages they should tell president Museveni is about Bobi Wine’s perfomance.

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As an artiste, he needs to come back on his job and also his fans need to enjoy his music once again like they used to do.

“As Eddy Kenzo, the president of the federation, is planning to meet the country’s president, I kindly request you to convey to President Museveni the message of allowing Bobi Wine to perform once again.,” Dr. Hilderman requested