Did Bindeeba adopt Precious Remmie’s son Prince?

June 19, 2023

There is a question lingering in the heads of Precious Remmie’s fans. They are all wondering if her husband Raymond Bindeeba adopt Prince.

Precious Remmie and Bindeeba got married last year after three months of meeting and dating. Their marriage/relationship has been in the media ever since their engagement.

Precious Remmie uses the opportunity of working on television to brag about her husband and tell her fans how amazing he is.

The couple has also gone through ups and downs with Bindeeba’s past and cheating scandals that left Precious Remmie on the edge of breaking up.

But everytime there is a rumor about their relationship, Precious Remmie shows him more on social and continue to prove their relationship is stronger.

Yesterday as it was father’s day, Precious Remmie celebrated Bindeeba as the father of her child.

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She thanked him for being such a good father to their son Prince, saying they love and appreciate him so much.

Prince is not that biological son of Bindeeba, he found him old although Prince’s father has never been showed to the public.

Now that Bindeeba is taking on the father duties, it is not clear if he has officially adopted Prince as his son.

“Happy Father’s Day my love,thank you for being a great dad to our son just know we love and appreciate u so much❤️ ,” Precious Remmie posted