Feffe Bussi not Karole Kasita’s baby daddy – Ex manager Joram reveals

June 23, 2023

Karole Kasita former manager Joram has revealed the truth about the singer’s baby daddy.

She said Feffe Bussi is not the father of the child and he was heartbroken after finding out the devastating news.

Karole Kasita gave birth in February and there has been so much rumor about the possible father of her first child King.

By the time she got pregnant, she was in a relationship with Feffe Bussi. They had started dating several months before but it was very unfortunate that he found out he wasn’t the father.

Most of the fans thought that since the two were in love, there was a possibility that he could be the father.

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According to Joram, Karole Kasita has another man she was seeing. That man is way more richer than Feffe Bussi and Karole Kasita was with him because of money.

When she got pregnant, she didn’t know what to do because she loves Feffe Bussi but the child is not his.

Joram said Karole Kasita talked to Feffe Bussi, he allowed him to keep the pregnancy and that’s how he ended up their relationship.

“Feffe Busi is not the father of Karole Kasita’s child. The baby daddy is very rich and Karole was with him because of money. She loves Feffe Bussi but after getting pregnant, their relationship kinda of ended” Joram revealed.