Simon Kaggwa Njala reveals why service providers shouldn’t eat at events

June 23, 2023

NBS journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala has given reasons why he thinks service providers in Uganda shouldn’t be provided food at events.

Service providers are one of the most important people at events. But at times they misbehave and take themselves as the owners.

Having been at so many events and very observant, Kaggwa Njala has concluded that service providers shouldn’t eat.

He said they are a nuisance at events as they line up first for food before the owner of the function and the invited guests.

According to Simon Kaggwa Njala, the only time service providers should eat is when the owner of the function has organized for them.

But otherwise, food is very expensive in hotels and they pretend like they are not their to make money but eat food.

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“Without fear of contradiction, service providers shouldn’t be given food at events. They’re not guests. Except if the host prepared for them. They often become a nuisance lining up before guests especially in hotels.
Just picture an event in a hotel where a plate goes for 80k. You have 10 decorators, 6 photographers, 6 drivers, ten ushers, 3 cake assistants, 5DJs, 3makeup artists, 2 generator guys, 4 bouncers…… adding up to 50 service providers. They eat and drink to their fill,” Simon Kaggwa Njala tweeted