Feffe Bussi pleads with ex manager Arafat not to block his opportunities

June 22, 2023

Rapper and singer Feffe Bussi has pleaded with his ex manager Arafat not to block his opportunities after their breakup.

Feffe Bussi and Arafat worked together for so many years but last month, the singer said he can no longer work with him.

He said the breakup was codual, they both sat down and decided on what is best for them and that was moving on from each other.

But now issues have started arising as Arafat is said to be blocking Feffe Bussi’s opportunities when it comes to perfomances.

While speaking to the media, Feffe Busi said some people have been trying to book him for shows through Arafat but he has been telling them that the singer is not available.

Instead of referring them to him, he is just blocking him from those perfomances something that is not good at all.

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Feffe Bussi requested Arafat not to be jealousy and forward those bookings to him as they separated in a very good way.

“Arafa I beg of you kindly, I dont have any problem with you and I pray the same from you, when someone reaches out to you asking to give me a show, please dont block my opportunity.” Feffe Bussi said