Evelyn Lagu asks for grandchildren from son before her death

May 19, 2023

Struggling sick musician Evelyn Lagu has made one of her wishes to the son before breathing her last on this earth.

She said she would like to see on her grand children before God takes her to be with him.

Evelyn Lagu has only one child a son who is now 22 years. But because she is on her death bed and struggling with life, she wants the son to do her a favour.

Like any other parent, it is a beautiful thing to see on the grand children. Those who get the opportunity to see them are the happiest and there are those wishing.

For Evelyn Lagu, she has been fighting for life for some years now. She has heart and kidney problems and at the moment, her body is slowly shutting down.

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She nolonger feeds herself, the son has to do that. She is even losing her sight because of the medicine she takes and injections through her veins.

Despite all that, she is hopeful that she will live much longer. That’s why she is asking for a grand child from he son as soon as possible.

“I thank God that I have lived for all these years on earth. He is still giving me more days despite the pain. Now the only thing remaining is a grand child. I want my son to give me one before I leave this world. I want to be a grand Mother,” Evelyn Lagu said