Slay Queen Makes Direct Move To Chew Fik Fameica Into Pieces

May 19, 2023
Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica! Kwetega is becoming real and some city slay queens don’t want to waste a minute when it comes to making a move on their targeted animal.

In one of the interviews with gossipmonger, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku, a one man-eater, Masolo Queen revealed that there are some slay queens who list artists and chew one by one.

And we have also heard about the serial-eaters who target celebs, tycoons and eat them into pieces.

Yesterday, a slay queen, Shan Jorbra (Tweeter names) received a phone call from one of sharp guys asking for beans.

Shan Jorbra

As a person who always wanted to have a piece of Fresh Bwoy, she took to twitter and asked Fik Fameica out. She asked Fik Fameica to set up a meeting date and told him not to worry about her transport.

Hey @FFameica is this your number please,he asked for some beans and wanted to confirm If its really you,incase its you, then set up the meeting date please I have my transport


Most sharp guys normally impersonate artists and end up chewing star struck babes.

At one point there is a lady who accused Geosteady of ballooning and running away from responsibilities, only to find out there was a guy who resembled ‘Ndiwamululu’ singer.