Edgar Luvusi: The Heartless Fiance Behind Annie Nixon’s Nodos | PHOTOS

October 4, 2021
Annie Nixon serving ex-fiance, Edgar Luvusi

Annie Nixon serving ex-fiance, Edgar Luvusi

Netizens entered last weekend in joyous mode after exciting photos of NTV The Beat & Dance Party producer, Annie Nixon leaked online.

In the photos, Annie Nixon can be seen sleeping exhausted in ‘Eve’ attire after a chilling marathon.

According to Annie, her ex-fiance and baby daddy, Edgar Luvusi was responsible for leaking the photos after threatening her two years that he would ruin her life.

Annie Nixon

After munching her into pieces, Annie slept exhausted and thats where Luvusi took advantage and snapped her. In the photos, her sleeping posture can tell that she was really exhausted. CHECK PHOTOS HERE

After photos went viral, Annie issued a statement on social media, expressed her disappointment in the baby daddy and apologised to her family, friends and employers.

Annie’s statement

As netizens were enjoying optical nutrition, our snoops hit the filed to unmask the heartless Edgar Luvusi who Annie accuses of betraying and shaming her.

Edgar Luvusi

From the photos we landed on, Annie was traditionally attached to Edgar Luvusi. Luvusi accompanied by family and close friends had visited Annie’s parents in ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

Annie Nixon (in Green) with Edgar Luvusi (on her left) with relatives and friends.

Since she is the victim, we hope NTV understands her situation and let her keep her job. She works as senior producer for NTV The Beat & Dance Party.

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