NTV Producer Annie Nixon Accuses Baby Daddy Of Leaking Her Nodos | PHOTOS

October 2, 2021
Annie Nixon

Annie Nixon

NTV The Beat & Dance Party producer, Annie Nixon is accusing her ex-fiance and baby daddy, Edgar Luvusi of leaking her nodos to ruin her.

Through her social media accounts, Annie Nixon claims that Luvusi sneaked and took her ‘Eve’ pictures when they were still dating and recently sent them to his friends.

She says that after dumping him because of violence and eating other birds, Luvusi has been threatening her for two years and finally he achieved his goal.


She apologised to family, friends and her employers and expressed her disappointment in the baby daddy.

Annie Nixon

With these photos, Annie might find herself in big trouble with the Serena based station.

Five years ago, it is alleged that Annie Nixon was suspended over gross misconduct together with fellow workmate, Kevin Kaija.

She later found her way back to NTV after series of apologies and was promoted to a senior producer.