Eddy Kenzo reveals the biggest problems with Musicians

June 3, 2023

BET Award winner and Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo has revealed the biggest problem with Ugandan musicians.

He said most of them have ego and they think they are very special more than other people.

Eddy Kenzo recently formed a new Federation known as the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) alongside other musicians.

He became the president, Sheebah, Pallaso and Juliana Kanyomozi being his deputies.

But so many musicians were not happy that Eddy Kenzo is the president. Most of them said he is not educated enough so he doesn’t deserve to be a leader.

But when he called a meeting and didn’t invite some of the musicians, they became angry at him yet they doubt him.

In a recent interview with a local radio station, Eddy Kenzo said he wasn’t surprised by what some musicians talked about him and the federation.

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He said when he called the meeting and couldn’t reach to some of the musicians by phone call they got annoyed.

If it is not ego,most of them would have attended and benefited from the federation but with the ego in musicians it will be hard for the music industry to get where they want it to be.

“After the first meetings, we went public on our social media pages, we called artists, some came and others refused. The biggest problem with musicians is ego, most of them wanted to receive phone calls from me,”– Eddy Kenzo