Avoid getting involved in politics – Gravity Omutujju tells musicians

June 3, 2023

Singer Gravity Omutujju has advised his fellow musicians to avoid involving themselves in politics.

He said it kills someone’s career and people usually hate on them when they show the exact side they are supporting.

This happened in the 2021 general elections when Big Eye Starboss and King Michael involved themselves in politics.

They were supporters but the mere fact that they showed where they belong and who they support, fans immediately started hating on them.

They faced so many challenges like being belittled with bottles while on stage perfomance. For Big Eye he cried multiple times seeking for forgiveness.

He fought his way back to the music industry by releasing a couple of songs and apologizing multiple times.

But for King Michael, he career faded away completely in that he is currently not being booked for any shows.

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According to Gravity Omutujju, a musician is supposed to be quiet when it comes to politics because they have different supporters from different political parties.

He said if one joins politics they should leave music like Bobi Wine. He no longer does music for a living, he only does it for fun.

“I want to advise my fellow musicians to refrain from getting involved in politics. It is not good at all it actually kills someone’s career. I think we should avoid it as much as we can,” Gravity Omutujju said