Big Eye Starboss blasts Eddy Kenzo’s leadership skills in new Federation

May 12, 2023

Singer Big Eye Starboss real name Mayanja Ibrahim has blasted fellow singer Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo’s leadership skills in new Federation.

Eddy Kenzo was elected as the president of Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). This federation is still new, it was unveiled to the world days ago.

Having not included Big Eye in it and also had his enemy Eddy Kenzo be the president, he is not happy about it.

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Big Eye is trying so hard to put the federation down and it’s leaders. At the moment, Big Eye is in the UK and the federation was revealed to the world when he had just travelled.

He said he is not stable where he is until he comes back to Uganda and addresses the issues going on.

Confused Big Eye said he doesn’t think that the federation was formed for good motives and on top of that, people that formed it don’t know the meaning of the word federation.

According to Big Eye Starboss, the unseriousness of the federation Started with the president the elected.

He is not educated enough to lead anyone especially those that can even speak English more than him.

Big Eye Starboss made these statements in an interview with Sanyuka television.

“I don’t think people in that Federation know very well what a federation means, that is why they elected someone who id not qualified to be the president”. – Big Eye Starboss said