You should accept Eddy Kenzo is better than you – King Michael to Big Eye

June 28, 2023

Faded singer King Michael has asked a fellow singer Big Eye Starboss to accept that Eddy Kenzo is better than him.

Big Eye use to be Eddy Kenzo’s bear friend as he moved with him everywhere they were going. He even said the two started Big Talent together.

But he turned against Eddy Kenzo last year when he got nominated in the Grammy Award.

According to Big Eye, the reason he got off Eddy Kenzo is because he is self centered and selfish. He tried asking him for international connection but they were not given to him.

For some months now, Big Eye has been attacking Eddy Kenzo but he refused to reply to him.

King Michael has revealed that Eddy Kenzo has so much to do, he doesn’t have time to reply to Big Eye who has nothing to do.

He said once Big Eye accepts that Eddy Kenzo is better than him, he will start doing well. Spending time attacking someone who is not going to respond is also childish.

“I want my friend Big Eye to accept that Eddy Kenzo is far better than him. All the time he is wasting attacking him without getting any response he should use it for other useful things. Once Big Eye accepts Eddy Kenzo is better, he will also start doing better,” King Michael revealed