Is Nina Roz and Daddy Andre back together? Here is the truth

June 29, 2023

The famous singers Nina Roz real name Kakunda Rose and music producer Daddy Andre are rumored go be back together.

The two were married for some weeks but later separated for reasons they didn’t reveal to the world.

Daddy Andre claimed that it is Nina Roz that left the marriage because for him he was very invested and ready to work on their differences for the sake of their marriage.

But Nina Roz was overwhelmed and couldn’t take the difficulties in marriage. She left without looking back.

By the time these singers separated, they already had songs together that they had released.

At the moment, there are some videos making rounds on social media of Nina Roz having a good time with Daddy Andre.

Social media users are saying the two are back together in the relationship although Nina Roz refuted the rumors.

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According to Nina Roz, the truth is that she has been friends with Daddy Andre although the marriage didn’t work out. She said they are not in love anymore like they used to be.

The only relationship between them is music and the trending videos on social media are all about the music.

The person that released those videos sneaked and recorded them as they were shooting one of the videos for the songs they have together.

“I am not in love with Daddy Andre we are just working on music. People are spreading fake news because the truth is that I am not ready for any relationship at the moment,” Nina Roz revealed