Eddy Kenzo denies starting Big Talent with Big Eye Starboss

June 5, 2023

Grammy nominee and multiple award winner Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has denied starting his record label Big Talent with fellow singer Big Eye Starboss.

Big Eye and Eddy Kenzo were so close but no one knew what was going on behind cameras. They all pretended to be having everything in line while in public.

Unfortunately, Big Eye cracked down saying he is no longer pretending to be friends with Eddy Kenzo because he is the worst person ever.

The singer branded Eddy Kenzo very selfish and jealousy of the people around him. He said he refused to give him international contacts so that he can also be nominated in the Grammy awards.

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With all the allegations, Eddy Kenzo stayed mute and Big Eye Starboss has been using it as an advantage to himself by saying anything he wants about Eddy Kenzo.

He even said that they started Big Talent together something Eddy Kenzo has commented about and refuted.

According to Eddy Kenzo, he started Big Talent alone and Big Eye just came to hang out at studio as a friend. He doesn’t know anything about Big Talent and even when it started.

“I didn’t start Big Talent with Big Eye StarBoss. He found me already with the record label he used to just come at the studio to hang out and do some music,” – Eddy Kenzo clears