REVENGE! Alien Skin puts up concert on same date as Pallso

June 5, 2023

Singers Alien Skin and Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso’s issues are far from over.

Alien Skin has started the revenge on Pallaso like he promised him by staging a concert on the same date as that one of Pallaso.

King of the East Pallaso started talking about his concert at the beginning of the year 2023. He has spent so many months preparing for and looking forward to having it.

No other concert was put on the same date as that one of Pallaso something that was promising one of the most successful concerts this year.

Unfortunately he couldn’t control his emotions, he ended up fighting wign Alien Skin something that is now costing him.

Alien Skin said he was beaten for no reason because he has never been friends nor enemies with Pallaso. He promised to revenge and it looks like the revenge has started.

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Yesterday he put up a posta showing that he is also having a concert at Freedom city on 9th June 2023.

He hadn’t announced but he said he knows his fans will come in to support him and the sitya danger concert will be a success.

All road to freedom city on 9th
No banner
No TV advert
No radio advert
No poster
Katulabe asinga amanyi,”

It usually doesn’t go well when two musicians are having a concert on the same day. We are not sure how it will go for Alien Skin and Pallaso but we will keep you updated.