Buchaman on why he is leaving NRM for NUP

July 15, 2023

Self proclaimed ghetto president Buchaman is ready to leave the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) for the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP).

He said he has valid reasons for his change and he is not ready to look back once he makes change.

Buchaman was appointed as the presidential advisor in 2021 by president Museveni and with that power, he betrayed his best friend Bobi Wine.

He said he is not going to support him since he has people that value him more. Little did he know that he was being used in the campaigns and later will be dropped.

That didn’t take long because it is just two years and he is already seeing the reality of what he was fearing.

Yesterday a video went viral on social media Buchaman asking Bobi Wine to forgive him and take him as a friend like they used to be.

People thought it was edited but he went ahead to go on a national television and confirm that whatever he said, he meant it.

According to Buchaman, he is very serious to go back to Bobi Wine because NRM is full of ungrateful people who are even liars.

He said being a presidential advisor, he expected to have some money to keep his role moving down in the ghetto.

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Unfortunately, he has never received any penny from government and now he is ready to go ahead and join people that he sees are genuine.

“I never received a cent from NRM despite being appointed, therefore, I’m no longer a member and don’t even have a card for that organization. I’ll wait for Bobi Wines’ call to return to NUP,” -Presidential advisor Buchaman said