ASULA MU NYAMA: Madubala Films Himself After Soft Meal, Brags

June 2, 2023
Madubara with Bobi Wine

Madubara with Bobi Wine

Madubala is having fun of his life and yesterday he filmed himself bragging after a heavy soft meal.

Madubala left Uganda and went for Keyo in Dubai but wasn’t lucky. He failed to get jobs and suffered. Well wishers fundraised and bought him a return ticket.

On return to Uganda, he went back to his old hustle – selling shoes. He has been hawking shoes on the streets but still lacked enough capital.

Mama Fina invited him to his place and gave him 5m. Instead of investing money in business, he went to the village and built his mum a house.


Madubala’s love for the camera saw him record himself swinging monstrous ‘Omugo Gwa Musa’ as he bragged.

The kadamas did not waste time, they started sending him gifts. He also went public and asked babes to invest money in him – in return for his ‘Omugo gwa musa’.

And his prayers have been answered. Babes are running to him.

Last night, Madubala filmed himself in mazongoto after a heavy soft meal and bragged.

Every babe wants to sleep in my chest but haven’t gotten chance. You are sleeping in it for free but others want to invest in it.

Madubala bragged

Watch the video below: