Doreen Kabareebe wants Pallaso and Alien Skin to cancel concerts in respect to Kato Lubwama

June 8, 2023

Fashion model Doreen Kabareebe has asked singers Pallaso and Alien Skin to cancel theot concerts in respect to the late Kato Lubwama.

She said they shouldn’t stage anything because Ugandans are still mourning the death of Hon Kato Lubwama.

Kato Lubwama died on Wednesday morning but few hours before his death, he commented about Pallaso and Alien Skin’s concert. He was supporting Pallaso and promising to beat Alien Skin.

But unfortunately he died before the concerts, he didn’t get a chance to watch Pallaso perform at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

As he has been more supportive, Doreen Kabareebe doesn’t see a reason why Pallaso and Alien Skin should go ahead to do concerts.

She said it would be better if they cancel the concerts and join Ugandans in mourning. They still have time to organize other concerts.

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“Both shows should be cancelled in respect of Hon Katto Lubwama’s death. Ugandans y mourning ☹️ 🤷‍♀️,” Doreen Kabareebe said

It is going to be hard to cancel the concerts because Pallaso and Alien Skin have put in a lot and are still pushing Forward.

It should be noted that Doreen herself is not in the country to mourn the late Kato Lubwama. She got married in the United States of America and she is even currently pregnant expecting her first child.