Dorah – Bruno K Ballooned, Dumped Me | He Is Dirty, Work Myee | AUDIO

September 20, 2023
Dorah with Bruno K

Dorah with Bruno K

6-months after Vanessa Karungi went public and accused Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K of being a deadbeat dad, another babe named as Dorah has pinned the singer of the same.

Dorah, is a Mukono-based business lady who deals in skin brightening creams. Unlike other babes, Bruno and Dorah grew up from the same area – Mukono.

Dorah with Bruno K

In WhatsApp audios shared by UK-based gossip queen, Ritah Kaggwa, Dorah says she was in love with Bruno K and has been supporting him financially.

She funded his three music videos and has been sending him upkeep. Dorah says Bruno K started acting up when she started struggling financially.

Bruno who used to be excited by seeing Dorah, started bringing up excuses and would dodge okwepicha.

Like vanessa alleged, Dorah also told Ritah Kaggwa that Bruno K ‘Talina work’ and that he would first watch videos on his phone to charge. She also alleges that he is dirty and doesn’t mow ‘grass’.

When Dorah pressed hard, Bruno dumped her claiming that she used him. This was after Dorah told ‘him’Ebisanyi’ singer that she was pregnant.

Bruno abandoned her in apartment and doesn’t support her financially. During Vanessa saga, Dorah also helped to foot DNA tests.

In an audio, Bruno can be overheard asking Dorah to send him money for fuel. After draining her financially, Bruno K disappeared in thin air.

Bruno has a bad habit of running away from responsibilities. Before Rachael Nasasira (Briella’s mum) died in December 2021, she was at loggerheads with Bruno for abandoning her when he learnt that he was pregnant.

In March this year, Vanessa also came out and publicly exposed Bruno as a dead beat dad.

With Dorah pregnant, this will be Bruno K’s 3rd child from 3 babes. This guy has enjoyed his fame.

What a scoring champion!

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