Forget Nampeera: Another Couple Break Wash Room Record | VIDEO

September 16, 2023


As netizens are still praising Christine Nampeera and Barasha’s August gift, another couple have broken the national washroom record.

In August, netizens were treated with multiple clips. Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman first caused stir and then, Nampeera and Barasha’s act in Kenjis bar washrooms erased it like rubber.

Nampeera became the talk of the town and her demand even increased among the Nyash-loving chaps.

After the clip circulated, she apologised to her brother DJ Roja and her employers.

I want to apologise to my family, Dj Roja, my friends, my boyfriend, Mr. Barasha, and my employers who have been affected by the video circulating. It was a private affair; I am sorry

Nampeera posted on X (Twitter)

Not even one month, another couple have blessed September with thrilling washroom chau.


We are yet to know where the clip was shot, but the washrooms look new than those at Kenjis.

Have a nice weekend chaps.