Bruno K Exposed As DNA Results Confirm He Is The Dad To Vanessa’s Boy, Seth

April 14, 2023
Bruno K and Vanessa

Bruno K and Vanessa

Bruno K! The long waited Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) results to reveal the real father to Vanessa Karungi’s baby boy, Seth kiggundu, have finally come out.

Last month, netizens blasted singer, Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K after another baby mama, Vanessa Karungi cried out for help.

In an interview with NBS TV gossip king, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz, a tearing Vanessa exposed Bruno as a heartless man.

Bruno K and Vanessa

She revealed that she met Bruno in 2018 and after ballooning her, he went AWOL. Vanessa had her mum and friends to look after her. Tired of looking after Vanessa, her friends started abusing Bruno and and that’s when he talked to Vanessa when she was 8 months pregnant and told her he would help.

Since then, he disappeared and showed up after the baby, Holy Seth Kiggundu was 2 months old.

On meeting Seth for the first time, Bruno K said the baby does not resemble him and asked for DNA test which he never did.

Vanessa disclosed that she does not receive help from Bruno K, at one point she had to send 60k every week to Bruno to support his baby girl, Briella Kiggundu, who now stays with NTV news anchor, Faridah Nakazibwe.

Faridah Nakazibwe with Bruno K

Vanessa wanted to name his boy, Seth Kisakyamukama but Bruno asked her to name him Kiggundu.

With the mounting pressure, Bruno K’s sister asked Vanessa to take the boy for DNA and finally the results came out positive. Bruno is the real dad to Seth Kiggundu.

DNA results

After NBS TV gossipmonger, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz posted the DNA results on social media, Bruno threatened to deal with him.

I have been silent for a while concerning the issues about my son Seith. But I will address that issue later .First, I am going to deal with Kayz. Who gave you permission to share my child’s Dna imprint and mine? Do you know how that’s dangerous for both of us, sir?

Bruno K

As Bruno K hides in shame, Vanessa sipped juice rejoicing.

Bruno has recorded songs; Ebisanyi, Faridah, Officially, Ntaawe, Nkooye Okuloowoza among others. Apart from singing, Bruno is also an influencer.

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