Bruno K Abandoned Rachael To Die A Painful Death, Refused To Take Baby Girl To See Her Dying Mum – Relative

December 9, 2021
Rachael (RIP) and Bruno K

Rachael (RIP) and Bruno K

A day after Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K announced the death of her baby mama, Rachael, her relatives have come out and accused the singer of abandoning their girl.

A lady by names of Makyara Becky (cousin to the late Rachael) reveals that Rachael Nasasira died a painful death and vows she will never forgive Bruno K.

She says that Bruno K abandoned her leaving the family to suffer with bills to the extent of taking her to the village health centre – Nyakibale Hospital.

Rachael on sick bed in Nyakibale Hospital

Becky says Rachael wanted to say her last words and speak to her baby girl but Bruno K refused to pick up phone calls. Relatives called him too in vain.

Makyara Becky’s post

It is said that the family planned to fundraise and take her to India for treatment and wanted the singer to spearhead the campaign but he refused to pick up the phone calls.

Bruno K always posts her baby girl, Briella but has never posted her mum until yesterday when pressure mounted on him. He claimed that Rachael wanted privacy and never wanted her to be posted.

RIP: Rachael
Bruno K with Briella

At one point, it is alleged that Bruno claimed that he adopted the child.

When Rachel died, one lady (names with held) sent us her photo and told us she was with her on Kyeyo in Dubai. She told us that Rachael had serious hart disease and could not handle work.

Bruno had made himself a name through helping people. He helped ‘Muwunya’ boys and recently singer, Oscar. Yesterday, Oscar revealed that they fell out over money issues.

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