Shakira Shakiraa And Prima Kardashi In Verbal War, Expose Each Others Dirty Deeds

July 10, 2024

Struggling upcoming singer Shakira Shakiraa and business woman, socialite Prima Kardashi are in verbal war.

They have exposed each others dirty deeds and compared themselves on who is better than the other.

Prima Kardashi has always been outspoken when it comes to celebrities. She is friends with different musicians because she was previously married to a singer Geosteady.

With that she knows what exactly takes places in the private lives of different artistes both male and women.

Shakira Shakiraa recently released a song with Gravity Omutujju. Different people were not pleased with it and Prima obviously came out and said something about it and the artistes.

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She said when someone listens to the song, that is when they understand what it means by empty tins.

Shakira Shakiraa immediately came out and posted on her social media platforms saying that she doesn’t like attacking women but it is necessary and speaks about Prima Kardashi.

She said that the socialite usually involves herself in dubious attacks when she goes to Dubai in the name of making money.

“I don’t like attacking fellow women btw it’s not in my bones .Naye ekikazi kino ki. PRIMA KADARSHI FOR THE WOMEN @topfans ngenda kiwa time yange kinonyelezeeko bambi ki Namukadde kyawaano n’ebizigo byakyo ebitakolaa nga abantu bw’ebagambaa mtweeeh n’olusaniya lwakyo teluwoomaa Nosense ,” Shakira Shakiraa said