Don Zella Puts Sarah Joy Bakanansa In her Place, Shares Proof Of House Ownership

June 29, 2022
Don Zella and Sarah Joy Bakanansa

Don Zella and Sarah Joy Bakanansa

The war between US-based Ugandan socialites, Sheila Nadege aka Don Zella and Sarah Joy Bakanansa is not about to end.

Yesterday, Don Zella warned Bakanansa to stop mentioning her name before branding her Zakayo Skeleton.

Don Zella’s anger stems from the interview Bakanansa conducted with Farouk Sarkozy. Bakanansa bragged by showing off a Mercedes Benz and made claims that she lives a better life than Don Zella.

Bakanansa told Farouk that Don Zella rents cheaper house than hers. When Sweden-based blogger, Peng Peng intervened, Don Zella revealed that she is not renting but rather owns a house in Nevada.

Bakanansa promised to give Peng $100 if Don Zella shows off mortgage papers. Don Zella wasted no time and showed off the papers.

Don Zella’s Mortgage

Bakanansa insists that the mortgage papers Don Zella showed are from Nisula Michigan and not Nevada.

Don Zella relocated to the US in 2016 and 17 respectively. They were so inseparable until egos kicked in. They started trading words and exposing each other’s dirt.

Bakanansa relocated to Boston Massachusetts and Don Zella settled in Nevada. Since separation, the pair went on their businesses and ceased fire.

Seems the fire is back on now.