Alien Skin Send Back Champion Gudo To Kawempe Streets

August 30, 2023
Alien Skin with his bodyguard Champion Gudo

Alien Skin with his bodyguard Champion Gudo

Trending singer Alien Skin has threatened to take Champion Gudo his youngest body guard to Kawempe Streets.

This happened after he was put on so much pressure by fans and Champion Gudo’s father to take the child to Kampala parents where he acquired a scholarship.

Champion Gudo is just 9 years old but he has bed introduced to the lime light. Alien Skin usually moves with him in night concerts, bars and clubs yet he is Young.

People were concerned about his education with the State minister of Gender and culture Hon Peace Mutuuzo inclusive.

She called upon Alien Skin to take Champion Gudo to school and even stop moving him in bars late at night.

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That’s when Kampala parents came in and promised Champion Gudo a scholarship big Alien Skin wasn’t in for it. He said in case the sponsorship is true, he wants the owners of the school to come to his home.

As it was seen as disrespectful, Champion Gudo’s father was called in to help take the Child back to school.

Alien Skin got so angry for that saying he was disrespected. He even threatened to take Champion Gudo back to the streets of Kawempe.

He said his efforts haven’t been appreciated and it is better he takes him back and his parents also take over from where he had reached.

“I don’t like being disrespected and seen like I haven’t done anything to help Champion Gudo. I am going to take him back to Kawempe Streets and his parents will start from their,” Alien Skin said