District Offer Nabbed Harvesting Intern In Office | VIDEO

June 6, 2023


There was drama after an officer alleged to be from Kitgum district was nabbed pants down harvesting an intern in his office.

It’s a common practice across the world, university/ tertiary students must do internship before or after finishing their studies.

This helps them get knowledge about their field of study and prepare them for life after studies.

But as usual, the interns face a lot of problems during their internships. Some of the problems relate to working conditions, bosses and predators.

Since most pray to be retained after internship, some bosses ask for bribes. Those who cannot afford, pay in kind.

Due to brokenness, some find themselves in bosses’ traps to survive.

Today, an officer alleged to be from Kitgum district was caught red handed harvesting an intern.


The clip shared on social media, the officer can be seen dressing up after his boss nabbed him in the act.

The boss can be heard asking the culprit, “is this what you always do”?, before unleashing a slap on him.