You Never Liked Jajja Iculi – MC Richie Exposes Peng Peng | VIDEO

June 20, 2023
Peng Peng (L) MC Richie (R)

Peng Peng (L) MC Richie (R)

Bloggers, MC Richie and Raymond Mutumba aka Peng Peng are at loggerheads after the latter hosted a live broadcast and started backbiting the former.

MC Richie and Peng Peng have been known as close friends for a long time and always do a joint Facebook live broadcast where they tear netizens and rival bloggers into pieces.

Peng Peng

This time around, Richie is fuming after Peng Peng hosted a live broadcast and started belittling his show – Summer Festival. Richie normally hosts boat parties for ‘Basama’ (Those who stay abroad) – ‘Summer Festival’, in different countries. He hosted Summer Festival in Turkey and Dubai.

After Peng trashed his Summer Festival, Richie got angry and branded Peng a jealous person who never want to see others succeed.

MC Richie

Richie revealed that Peng never liked Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess and wondered why he was shading crocodile tears after the blogger’s death.

The Netherlands-based blogger hinted that Peng started attacking Lumbuye after he witnessed the Turkey-based NUP lean blogger was taking over the internet.

Richie warned Peng to lay low or else he will expose all his dirty secrets.

As we speak, MC Richie is building a mansion in Uganda after he was trolled for showing off land that was not his during 2021 festive season.