Diamond Platnumz Manager, Sallam Sk Reveals Why Harmonize Left Wasafi Records And Why He refused To Greet Him At The Funeral

August 11, 2020

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam SK has revealed the reason behind him turning down a greeting from Harmonize during Babu Tale’s wife burial ceremony.

In an interview with Wasafi TV on Monday, August 10, the famous manager also gave reasons as to why the singer could not last at Wasafi Classic Baby.

Sallam denied rumours of bad blood between him and Harmonize saying the singer had been ignoring him for three years and that’s why he refused to shake his hand at the burial.

“I have never had a problem with Harmonize and I have always said I was the first person to take him to South Africa and the UK. To clarify, Harmonize never greeted me in the last three years even when he was under WCB, so I did not see any reason to greet him at the burial,” he said.

“We previously met at the airport, studio, bank, office and even events, he always ignored me. So I did not see the reason to be hypocritical at the burial,” he added.

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Sallam also revealed that Harmonize, during his Wasafi days, cried about the label’s manager Babu Tale snitching about him smoking Marijuana.

Sallam SK

He, however, blamed the singer who was actually the one who posted a video while smoking the drug which ruined the recording label’s image.

This brought up too many issues with the government and being allowed to perform in different areas that Harmonize believed Sallam had caused.

Sallam said he has no conflict with Harmonize and would shake his hand if he admitted to having been in the wrong since he was even the one who helped him start his Konde Gang record label.

The video of the incident that happened during the said burial left many bashing Sallam for ignoring Harmonize.

Many believed Sallam could not move on from their previous wrangles and praised Harmonize for his calmness.

The main argument was it was the wrong place for Sallam to show that Wasafi still held a grudge.