You Are A Womanizer And A Thief – Furious Zahara Totto Exposes Don Solo In Raunchy Texts | SCREENSHOTS

August 11, 2020

Zahara Totto with Don Solo during their happy days

Since weekend, NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossip queen Zahara Totto has been at loggerheads with ex-lover, Don Solo.

It all started when Don Solo released screenshots of Zahara abusing his new bae, Queen Ann.

Don Solo also released an audio of Zahara pleading with him to to chuck her.

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A furious Zahara has also responded by insulting Don Solo and told him to stop pretending as if he is the one who dumped her.

In the WhatsApp messages, Zahara told Don Solo to pay the money he took from the drawer without asking her.

She also disclosed that Don Solo is a thief and a womanizer.

Check Screenshots below: