Precious Remmie To Introduce Raymond Bindeeba

June 22, 2022
Precious Remmie introduces Raymond Bindeeba this Friday

Precious Remmie introduces Raymond Bindeeba this Friday

Spark TV presenter, Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie aka Ray P is going to introduce her fiance, Raymond Bindeeba to her parents this Friday.

Raymond proposed to Precious Remmie on October 12, 2021 and visited her parents in ‘Kukyala’ ceremony that took place on October 16, 2021.

Raymond visited Precious Remmie’s parents in October 2021

When Raymond proposed to Remmie, Don Zella came out and warned her that the guy loves skirts and that he had previously proposed to two babes and left them hanging.

Don Zella also made claims that Raymond wanted to eat her too. But this did not affect Remmie’s relationship and she instead became stronger.

Remmie and Raymond painted social media with love but some critics insisted their relationship would not last.

As Remmie battled with critics, another woman, Sophia Akum went public and accused Bindeeba of being a deadbeat dad. This attracted Mama Fina who received a call from Fifi Da Queen asking her to help Sophia Akum who was struggling to provide for the child.

Few hours later, Mama Fina received a call from Precious Remmie who interrogated her beyond repair.

She asked Mama Fina, “Are you a minister in charge of children?, Are you the one handling issues of children?”. This hurt Mama Fina and bursted in tears.

Raymond and Precious Remmie

Others started speculating the Raymond came with bad luck after witnessing Remmie lose Galaxy FM gig and Spark TV dropping her from Live Wire to just presenting updates.

Remmie gave all this a deaf ear and she kept on praising her man.

The latest information from corridors indicate that Remmie is set to introduce Raymond to her parents this Friday, June 24 in Kawanda.

from the invitation card accessed by Routineblast, the ceremony will take place in Kawanda, Kanyogoga – Wakiso district.

Nakotto Remmie will take place on 24/06/2022 at their residence in Kawanda, Kanyogoga – Wakiso district at 11am.

Your presence will be of great honour.

Kids are loved but not invited. Each card strictly invites one person. carry the card with you.

part of the invitation card reads.
Invitation card

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