Leila Kayondo – John Segawa Is Mine | I Have Never Loved SK Mbuga | VIDEO

June 23, 2022
Leila kayondo and John Segawa

Leila kayondo and John Segawa

Singer, Leila Kayondo has disclosed that she is in love with actor, writer and ‘The Honourablez’ director, John Segawa.

Leila who recently attacked SK Mbuga branding uneducated fool and told him never to step a foot at her rental, told a YouTuber that she has been seeing John Segawa for close to 20-years and they are still going strong.

Leila Kayondo

She nicknamed him ‘Yokakana’ and revealed that she sees him often and sometimes they go to an Island and spend some good time.

If Leila Kayondo’s claims are true, this explains why Segawa who is in his 50s failed to choose between baby mamas; Ruth Wanyana and Mariam Ndagire.

MC Kats (L) with John Segawa (R)

On SK Mbuga, Leila said she has never been in love with him and issued a strong warning that if he ever crosses the line again, she will give him level. She however, apologised for the recent outburst.

It should be noted that Leila Kayondo and SK Mbuga started dating in 2014 but their relationship was marred with violence.

In 2016, Leila Kayondo with a swollen face, dragged Mbuga to police accusing him of domestic violence.

Leila Kayondo and SK Mbuga

Mbuga apologised and the pair kept in their on and off relationship until the tycoon wedded Vivianne Chebet Birungi (now Jalia) in November 2016.

In recent interviews, Leila said she doesn’t remember SK Mbuga claiming that she suffered from memory loss.

When the tycoon crossed the line, she blasted him. From the screenshots shared on WhatsApp, SK Mbuga still sends Leila money.

Watch video below:

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