Sheikh Umar Exposes Jowie’s Begging Skills, Tells Cephco; Apologise Or Go Back To Luzira

June 21, 2022
Sheikh Umar (L), Cephco and Jowie (R)

Sheikh Umar (L), Cephco and Jowie (R)

Nansana-based Sheikh Umar has given TikToker, Ismael Sefuko aka Dr Cephco an ultimatum to apologise or go back to Luzira.

This comes after Cephco alleged that Sheikh Umar got him arrested to take his bae, Jowie. Cephco told BBS TV presenter, Saymo that Umar started vibing Jowie a week before he was arrested.

Cephco and Sheikh Umar

He said Umar was sending Jowie money and his bathroom photos.

After watching the interview, Umar chopped wires but admitted he is the one who got Cephco arrested.

However, he denied having vibed Jowie a week before Cephco’s arrest. He revealed that Full Figure approached him in bid to arrest Cephco.

He got Jowie’s number and started vibing her on that day of Cephco’s arrest. She accepted to meet but told him that she was coming with her brother (Cephco).

Cephco and Jowie drove to Umar’s home in Nansana and the Sheikh called Full Figure’s escorts who arrested the TikToker.

Umar stung Jowie that she is not his type saying that he eats flesh not bones.

He exposed Jowie’s WhatsApp chats and branded her a beggar. In chats, Jowie begged for 2k, a sign that she is not class.

Check Screenshots below: