Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella exposes all his dirty parenthood experience

September 15, 2023

Singer Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim is not about to let singer Jose Chamleon lie to the world how he is a better father.

She has exposed how he let down the family and made the wife take care of the children all a lone yet he is working.

Daniella and Jose Chameleon have five children together. Being a celebrity couple they have tried to live life in the lime light although it hasn’t been easy.

Some years back she moved to the United States of America (USA) with all her children living Jose Chameleon behind.

People were wondering why and even circulating the rumor that the couple is actually divorced and they are all ready for new chapters of their lives.

Jose Chameleon has been trying to paint a nice picture of his family saying they are all good and taking care of the children although Daniella is not having it.

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While celebrating their first son Abba Marcus’s 18th birthday, Daniella wrote a very long message revealing how she has struggled to raise her children.

She said life hasn’t been very easy because at some point she took on two jobs to make sure she gives her children a good life.

However good has been good because she has managed otherwise she can’t wait to to celebrate more other achievements with her family.

Daniella promised the son a vacation once she gets more money that he has been dreaming of.

“We shall talk about your cold dingy basement room that flooded every spring, we shall talk about how I went to ‘kyeyo’ for several days without return and left you in charge of your siblings plus an infant….” – Daniella Atim Mayanja lays it all out