Cindy Sanyu clears the air about UMA joining Eddy Kenzo’s federation

June 24, 2023

The president of musicians under Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Cinderella Sanyu has cleared the air about it joining Eddy Kenzo’s federation.

Ugandan musicians have desperately sought help from government in order to keep their works going on.

They have complained about their royalties and they have also raised the issue of copy right law numerous times.

But they have always been told to first organize themselves, be under one umbrella and they will get help.

Unfortunately, they have tried to unite so many times but they have failed. They are jealousy among themselves and they don’t believe in each other.

UMA us supposed to be under a federation but they have failed to do that.

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According to Cindy Sanyu, they always want to federate but they haven’t got to the same page with the Federation. She said the rumors making rounds on social media that they are one should stop.

“As Uma, we have always wanted to federate but it is the terms of federating which are an issue. If the terms are favourable, Uma will federate but for now let no one fool you,Uma hasn’t joined the Uganda National Musicians Federation.
The music industry is huge and inclusiveness is important. Let us not forget our allies eg Writers,producers, managers,publishers etc It would make more sense to federate according to the value chain and not only us Musicians.
Discussions are ongoing and we’re working towards a positive result.
Uma president
Mrs Cinderella Sanyu okuyo,” Cindy Sanyu posted