Zulitums on why Ugandan music hasn’t dominated the global market

June 24, 2023

Hi HiSinger, songwriter and producer Zulitums has revealed reasons why Ugandan music hasn’t dominated the global market.

Ugandan music is very good but it rarely crosses borders. There are a few artistes like Azawi and Eddy Kenzo that have tried to dominate the market.

For Eddy Kenzo he has even reached to the furthest like being nominated in the Grammy Awards although he didn’t win it.

According to Zulitums, Ugandan music has no problem everything is okay with it.

The only reason why it is not going far is because other music industries they are competing with started investing in music earlier.

The time Ugandans have woken up to invest, other industries are already far and it’s difficult to catch up with them.

“There’s nothing wrong with our Ugandan music on the global scene . It’s just that the people we are competing with are ahead of us in the game because they started investing in the industry earlier,” – Zulitums , artist

It should be noted that Zulitums started as a producer but he is one of the best musicians in Uganda now.

He has been so quiet because of the misunderstandings he got with his management. He has however promised to start releasing music again.