Big Eye Starboss refutes claims of being beaten by Eddy Kenzo

June 24, 2023

Struggling singer Big Eye Starboss originally known as Mayanja Ibrahim has refuted claims of being beaten by Eddy Kenzo.

This came after people posted on social media that he is bad condition and he has been bedridden because of the fight.

Eddy Kenzo and Big Eye Starboss used to be friends but their friendship overturned so quickly than what people expected.

Big Eye’s main issue was because Eddy Kenzo is selfish and he doesn’t want to see him succeed. He claimed that he asked him phone numbers from international musicians but he refused to give them to him.

He has been attacking him on social media and in the stream line media even referring to him as Lady Eddy Kenzo.

Yesterday the two finally met in the joint meeting of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

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It said the fight quickly happened but Big Eye said nothing happened.

According to Big Eye Starboss, Eddy Kenzo wanted to beat him because of the truth that was told but lucky enough they didn’t fight.

He said he is perfectly fine and ready to keep exposing the Eddy Kenzo’s federation.

“I have not been beaten anywhere, Am very fine, Nigga just wanted to fight me because i told him the truth about the baseless fake federation their forcing to make,” Big Eye Starboss said