Carol Nantongo denies talking about Stecia Mayanja’s witchcraft

June 30, 2023

Singer Carol Nantongo has distanced herself from involving fellow singer and actress Stecia Mayanja in her bewitching story.

Last week, Carol Nantongo had an interview with one of the local television here in Uganda.

She rarely does interviews but this time around she went very deep about her life and what she has been through as an artistes.

One of the things she talked about was witchcraft and how someone in the music industry wanted to bewitch her so that she doesn’t go forward.

She also talked about how some musicians like Stecia Mayanja were jealousy about her.

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Carol Nantongo revealed one of the incidents where Stecia Mayanja got her off stage at a certain concert so that she doesn’t perform.

Unfortunately the fans mixed up her story of witchcraft and that of Stecia Mayanja concluding that Stecia is the one that bewitched her.

According to Carol Nantongo, Ugandans should leave Stecia Mayanja alone. She said she didn’t s say anything about her including witch craft.

The singer asked fans to go back and watch the whole interview so that they can conclude their assumptions.

Here is the screenshot;