Abitex disappointed as DNA rules out eight out of nine of his children

June 30, 2023

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex is disappointed and at the same time in shock after DNA ruled out eight of his children out of nine.

Recently there has been so many trending stories about DNA and men finding out that they have been deceived about fathering their children.

One of the stories that caught people’s attention is when an old man found out that his 30 year old son wasn’t actually his biological son.

Now Abitex has also given his story which is somehow heartbreaking for those that have been through his shoes.

In a recent interview, Abitex revealed that different women have been coming up to him claiming he got them pregnant.

But as a clever man, the first thing he would ask for is DNA and most of the children he took for DNA came out when the results are negative.

He said so far he has taken nine of his children for DNA and only one returned as his biological child.

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According to Abitex, it is very important for his fellow men to actually consinder DNA when the child is very young.

He said it saves one from so much drama and trauma at the same time. Before getting closer to the child, one has to be sure that is his real child.

“I have conducted nine DNA tests, and eight of them confirmed that the children were not mine.” Abitex