Hatim and Dokey reveal why they couldn’t waste their time at the federation

June 30, 2023

Ugandan duo musicians and song writers Hatim and Dockey have revealed reasons why they couldn’t waste their time at Eddy Kenzo’s federation.

When the federation was unveiled to the public, as a president Eddy Kenzo alongside his other leaders called different meetings of musicians.

Most of the artistes attended those meetings, Hatim and Dokey were among the people that were invited.

But after the first meeting, they didn’t go back to other meeting that were organized by the Federation.

In a recent interview with a local television, Hatim and Dokey said in the first meeting with the Federation they heard everything.

They sat down as the duo and agreed not to go back but instead use the opportunity to write music for the artistes that are busy attending meetings.

As business people, they didn’t want to waste more time in meetings after all, everything about the Federation and what it is about was said in the first meeting.

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Hatim and Dokey said that haven’t decided wether they support the Federation or not although they want the copy right law to be active.

“We couldn’t spend a lot of time at the federation, after hearing what they were telling us, we agreed to go back home and write songs for those that decided to stay at the federation,” – Hatim & Dokey