Sipapa Stings Canary Mugume, Brands Him A Girl

March 12, 2022
Canary Mugume and Sipapa

Canary Mugume and Sipapa

Angry city socialite, Charles Olim aka Sipapa has attacked NBS TV news anchor, Canary Mugume for fueling his arrest, branding him a girl.

This development comes after BenJastt (Twitter handle) posted a photo of his car damaged and revealed that a heavily guarded Sipapa knocked him while driving a numberless car in a wrong lane.

He claims Sipapa threatened to shoot him after he complained. BenJastt tagged AIGP, Asan Kasingye, narrated the whole ordeal and asked for help.

Sipapa showing off his newly acquired ride

Hello, @AKasingye@PoliceUg kindly help. A one SIPAPA driving a numberless black land cruiser VX V8, driving in a wrong line!! Knocked me and because he was armed and also had armed UPDF soldiers in the car, threatened to shoot me because I am inferior and drove off. #1


Canary Mugume jumped onto the Tweet and said Sipapa is untouchable and that top ranking cops fear him.

Sipapa is untouchable, unfortunately. Even top ranking cops fear him. They don’t know how he acquired armed state security. But I hope you find justice some day.

Canary Mugume
Canary Mugume

After reading Canary’s post, Sipapa posted it on social media and branded NBS TV ace a woman with no beards.

God save sipapa even girls without beards are talking about me.


This is not the first time Sipapa has been cited in such incidents. Its not a secret that he drives numberless cars and even move in a convoy of over five cars disrupting traffic.

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