Vanessa Exposes Heartless Bruno K, Reveals Shocking Details | VIDEO

March 24, 2023
Bruno K

Bruno K

Netizens are still seething and angry at musician, Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K after another baby mama, Vanessa cried out for help.

Earlier this week, Faridah Nakazibwe shared a photo with rainbow colors in the background, As netizens started bashing her, Bruno K came to her defense.

One of his followers, told him to shut it and branded him a deadbeat dad. He revealed that he ballooned a one Vanessa and ran away from responsibilities. All along netizens thought Bruno K had only one child, Briella.

In an interview with NBS TV gossip king, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz, a tearing Vanessa exposed Bruno as a heartless man.

Vanessa with her baby biy, Seth Kiggundu

She revealed that she met Bruno K in 2018 and after ballooning her, he went AWOL. Vanessa had her mum and friends to look after her. Tired of looking after Vanessa, her friends started abusing Bruno and and that’s when he talked to Vanessa when she was 8 months pregnant and told her he would help.

Since then, he disappeared and showed up after the baby, Holy Seth Kiggundu was 2 months old.

On meeting Seth for the first time, Bruno K said the baby does not resemble him and asked for DNA test which he never did.

Vanessa disclosed that she does not receive help from Bruno K, at one point she had to send 60k every week to Bruno K to support his baby girl, Briella Kiggundu, who now stays with NTV news anchor, Faridah Nakazibwe.


Vanessa wanted to name his boy, Seth Kisakyamukama but Bruno asked her to name him Kiggundu.

Bruno K’s family are demanding a DNA test and if the results are positive, they want Vanessa to hand over the child to them. Vanessa vows never to hand over his child saying he is everything to him.

She revealed that she is suffering from cancer and recently they took part of her body for testing.

Bruno K is a renowned deadbeat dad, her late baby mama , Rachael – mum to Briella suffered with the child until when she died.