Were they in love? – The truth about Bruno K’s relationship with baby mama Vanessa

April 15, 2023

Musician Bruno K has revealed the truth about his relationship with baby mama Vanessa.

The two have a three years old son together although Bruno K had abandoned him and failed to take on the responsibilities as a father.

‘Faridah’ hit maker said he wanted a DNA test to confirm that the child is his. It was done and the results came out yesterday confirming he is the father.

Being unhappy about the exposure of the DNA results, Bruno K also revealed the secrets between him and baby mama Vanessa that people didn’t know.

According to Bruno K, he has never been in love with Vanessa. Their sin was from a one night stand of enjoying themselves and having fun.

He said that is the reason this baby mama has never been posted on his social media platforms and people also never knew about her.

Talented Bruno K said the relationship between themselves is strictly co-parenting although he usually deals with her mother who has his son most of the times.

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He said having a child together doesn’t mean the two were in love and people should stop assuming things that they were dating.

“I have never been in love with with my baby mama Vanessa and neither have we ever dated. What happened was out of having fun and our relationship at the moment is co-parenting. No one loves my son Seith Kigundu the way I do and not being in a relationship will not stop me from being a father to him,” Bruno K said