Broke Tenant Pays His Rent To Land Landy Through Nyam Nyam | VIDEO

May 25, 2023
Land Lady

Land Lady

When it comes to paying rent, many people struggle and end up defaulting as some forge way to make sure it is cleared at all costs.

Some fail to pay not because they don’t want to but, due to unavoidable circumstances. Some don’t have jobs, others earn but the funds are not enough to sustain them.

Those who know other tactics use them to clear rent to zero.

Most beautiful babes don’t pay rent as they have their men who foot the bills. Some guys have also turned smart wires, have their babes paying for them.

Some landlords have also taken advantage of broke babes by giving them free housing in exchange for goodies.

Landladies too, some times take advantage of broke buys buy housing them in exchange for chaus.

Yesterday, Internet was buzzing after the land lady stalked her tenant for kind payment.

We have been told that she gave him the house for endless chaus and always come for it.

From the trending clips, the land lady came, hid behind the rentals and waited for the tenant. From their agreement, he did not waste time.


Rent-chau exchange practice is not only in Uganda, but across the world.