Neko Accuses Alicia Bosschic Of Setting Her Up To Be Eaten On Credit | AUDIO

May 25, 2023
Alicia Bosschic

Alicia Bosschic

Unidentified babe is in tears accusing renowned even hostess, Alicia Bosschic of setting and leaving her be chewed into pieces.

In an audio that is circulating on social media, unidentified Neko, who sounded inconsolable and crying, says Alicia contacted her if she was ready to work.

Alicia told Neko that her man wanted services. Neko who was in Kireka, demanded 200k but after a lengthy discussion, they settled for 150k. Alicia said she was the to clear her after the service.

Neko contacted the guy, boarded a boda B and and linked up in Makindye. The hungry guy drove her to a lodge and insisted to pack outside.

Alicia Bosschic

On Reaching the playground, she insisted the guy puts on kaveera but during the match, the guy insisted the kaveera was inconveniencing him.

He forcefully ate the meal without kaveera. After he fled, boarded his car and left without paying a coin.

Going by the agreement, Neko calledAlica Bosschic but her phone was off. She tried calling the guy but his phone was also off.

As we speak, she is confused and doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t even have money for PEP.

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