Weasel attacks those opposing the new Musicians Federation

May 25, 2023

Singer Weasel Manizo originally known as Douglas Mayanja has attacked fellow musicians opposing the new musician federation.

This Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) was formed and unveiled to the world early this month.

It’s president is Eddy Kenzo but it is so unfortunate that the federation is getting so much criticism from musicians themselves.

Everyone that wasn’t included is opposing it yet in reality, musicians are so many in that they all can’t be included as leaders.

Although Weasel Manizo is not one of them, he says the little he has heard about the Federation, it has good intentions for musicians.

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He said he doesn’t understand those who are opposing it if they really love the music industry or if they are just selfish and want everything for themselves.

In the new era of technology, Weasel said those who are not seeing the good part of the Federation they are of stone age and they probably don’t like the development.

“I am not a leader in the musicians Federation but I think they are doing better and ready to take the music industry to another level. I don’t understand those opposing it and I think their minds are of stone age. As musicians we want development not any other things,” Weasel said