From Range Rover To Mercedes Benz! Hellen Lukoma Receives Another Expensive Gift From Hubby (Video)

April 15, 2024
Hellen Lukoma with hubby, Anwar Kaka

Hellen Lukoma with hubby, Anwar Kaka

Singer Hellen Lukoma is over the moon again after her husband gifted her a new Mercedes Benz for their wedding anniversary.

She posted it saying she can’t believe that her husband has loved her so much to the extent of gifting her these expensive gifts.

Hellen Lukoma was gifted a Range Rover one year ago on her birthday. She sang about it saying she is good in bed and that is the reason why she got the car.

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Now that she has got Mercedes Benz, she is more than happy saying it is good to be gifted and it actually feels nice to be in that position.

Here is the video:

It should be noted that Hellen Lukoma and her husband share two children together. 

They have been married for more than five years and they are looking at spending more and more years together as a couple.