Grace Khan To Die For Jovan Luzinda’s Love 

April 16, 2024

Struggling singer Grace Khan is to die for the love she has for fellow singer Jovan Luzinda.

She said she is not going to keep quiet about what she feels for him because it is very real and it is not something new.

Before Grace Khan got pregnant she had a past with Jovan Luzinda. The two had an intimate relationship but it was never public.

After Grace Khan having a child and being ignored by the baby daddy, she has decided to return to ed and is demanding love from him.

When she first talked about it, she was criticised but she has stood her grounds saying she will not stop declaring her love for him.

Grace Khan Exposes Her Intimate Relationship With Jovan Luzinda 

She said she doesn’t see what is wrong with speaking up her mind and declaring her love for someone she knows that she truly loves.

“ What is wrong with some one speaking her heart out😭

My Fans please temusobola kulemwa kutuuka ku Jovan oba tumuwamba tumuwambe 😭Nfa obulumi 

Nyongela okubajjukizza I’m dying 💪

Proudly Granahs mom,”